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I'm Leaving

Well, I think I've figured out what I'm going to do. I'm going to be leaving soon, on my own. I haven't told anyone, and I don't really plan to. I've already started packing and deciding what to part with. I can pretty much only bring some clothes, and this phone so I can stay in contact with people.

I'm not exactly running away, but I'm not going to be telling anyone that I'm leaving until I'm about ready to walk out the door. I just don't think I can keep doing this.

So there's a short update, I guess. I'll post when my plans are final.

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Starting Over (Don't worry, there's a TL;DR)

I haven't post anything in a long, long time. And I've missed it terribly. I love journal-ing/keeping a diary. That being said, I want to start over in a way. Things are going to get a lot more drama filled around here. I'm going to go crazy soon too, probably. Which should all make for an interesting read.

But, if you want to know what's been going on with me lately, I'll tell you below. But I'll warn you; it's going to be long. That's what he said. Yeah, that's right. He says things too. It's gonna be a long night (morning, actually, it's 5:30 am), folks...

1.) I just now decided it would be easier to do numbers. That way I don't ramble. Hopefully.

2.) School has ended. Yes, I am SO happy about it. I hated school. Hated it. Nah, I wasn't bullied or anything like that, but I just hated it. I kinda hate people. I hate getting brushed against in the hallways. I hate hearing about how high some stupid pothead is at that very moment. I hate hearing about someone's latest sex story. I hate the whole shebang. But,I roughed it out. I 'graduated'. Meaning I got to walk with my class. Woo... Basically, I was 1 credit away from getting my diploma. 1/2 a Freshman English (I passed 11th English; can I not get a pass?), and 1/2 an Algebra II.

3.) I was going to take classes at this center nearby to make up the credits. You come in and do the class online at your own pace. Simple. I'd be done in two months, tops. Oh, and all for the low low price of about 400 freaking dollars. Yeah, family can't afford public school. How are we supposed to pay that? Long story short, my dad 'forgot' to enroll me, and said he didn't have the money anyways. Alright, that's cool. I did my private crying and wallowing, and moved on. Told myself I could do it over the summer, because once your class graduates, the price goes down to $25.

4.) I can't do it over the summer because the price does not go down to $25. Alright, really starting to get pissed now. Turns out the reduced fee starts in August. Now this is cutting into college. But fine, I'll get it done. Somehow. You can't keep me down! I want my education!

5.) OMFG WTF AM I GOING TO DO, MY DAD CAN'T FILL OUT A FAFSA! Yeah. Turns out you need some specific information to get a FAFSA. The thing that will give me lots of free money to go to school and do the thing I love.

6.) "No, no, it's cool. I'll hook you up with SRS"* my school social worker said. So, she got me into contact with my caseworker, Jim. Jim makes me so happy I bawl just thinking about him. Me and my dad go meet with him to set up my life plan and stuff, and he says he will pay for everything. All school stuff, instruments, lessons, all of it. Even for my glasses that I need once a year, and can even get me some gas money. Awesome! Oh, but one catch. I have to apply for the Pell Grant. Yeah. The Pell is a part of the FAFSA. Which Jim knew I couldn't do. So he said "Sorry, but, um...fuck you."*

*Not a direct quote.

7.) My boyfriend and I have decided to move out together into an apartment/small house along with a friend or two of his. Rent would be super cheap. Awesome! And we'd be in town, so I could actually get a job! More awesome! Fuck yeah! Let's do it, baby!

8.) Boyfriend wants to move 3 hours away to go to school. He wants to try it again, even though last time he was miserable, hated it, and failed all his classes because he hated them and didn't even show up. Alright, that's cool. You've put your stuff on hold for me, I can do the same for you. We'll go the 3 hours away together just as soon as I get my diploma. We agree on it over dinner, and are both excited.

9.) Screw you, it's happening now. Excuse me, what? Yeah. About two days later I get a text saying it's happening once the semester starts up again. Hmm...what happened last time? Oh yeah, you were miserable, failed, I went further into a huge depression, started cutting again, and pretty much just wanted to die. So, yeah...more awesome...

10.) Fuck your dreams! So, my dad and step mom want to split. Meaning, my dad wants to move back several states away. Taking my two sisters and two brothers with him. I want to stay here to go to my dream school, and to stay with my boyfriend as well. We've been dating a long time, we're serious, and have detailed future plans. It makes sense, except for the whole me feeling really guilty all the time, more depression, more cutting (Oooh, fun!), and all that jazz. Except my boyfriend wants to move away as well. And I kinda can't go to college without a diploma or, oh yeah, money. So my last choice would be hoping my dad doesn't actually leave my step mom (we've become a close, fucked up family. Plus my dad is a complete pansy), or moving along with my dad and siblings.

11.) What in the hell am I supposed to do about school, and getting a job? I have never had a job before because I don't have a car. You need money to get a car. Need a car to go make money (How did I NOT pass that math class?! Oh emergencies and depression...go figure). So, if I get a job it would need to be somewhere close enough I could walk to without much fear of getting raped, killed, robbed, or all three. Kinda live in a bad neighborhood. More fun. The fun times just keep rolling at the Em household! :D After months of searching, I found one super close, it's right across the street. I have officially applied to be a morning hostess for a restaurant inside a hotel. Hours? 5:30-3:30. Am. Oh well. It's a job, it's close, it's money, and I would like the work. I just really hope I get the job. Please let me get the job.

11.2.) School. It's basically out of the question until A) I move out on my own for a couple of years, which is impossible, you need money for that. B) Turn 24. That's a long wait. I need something now. Or C) Emancipation. But you need a reason. Something besides "all this legal crap is shit. Fix it. Make me independent, 'kay?". So, I've been looking in getting a, and I shutter at the idea, GED. I know, I know. It's harder than getting a diploma. There's more requirements. I admire the hard work people put into getting them. But all I can think of is what a future employer will think/wonder seeing that. Will that cost me a job just because I don't have a regular diploma?

11.3.) I've also thought of becoming an RN, or get EMT training. I wouldn't work at a hospital; hell no. I don't need that on me. I'm not that strong. Nope. I'd go work at a Senior Center, or be a Caregiver. I like old people. They're cool, don't give a shit about what someone thinks, and have awesome stories. Plus they're adorable. I wouldn't go near hospice, either. I wouldn't make it. But talking to a little old lady/man that just needs someone to cook for them and talk to them, and get their pills? I can sure do that for you. But these are just thoughts. Not my passion, or what I want to do. I just need a job that has some security, and I want to be able to enjoy the work. I would love working with old people, or helping out in a daycare. I'd love it. But it isn't my passion.

12.) Boy drama. I don't even know where to start. I've known this guy, who we'll call Z, for about 6 years. He was my first love, and I still love him. How could I not? He's an amazing guy, still one of my best friends, and was my first love. You don't forget stuff like that. We've also never met. But more and more I find myself wishing to talk to him more. Wishing to meet him in person. Wishing to know that I'm making all the right choices. This may sound pathetic, it may sound like I'm a bitch, and it may sound cliche. But I feel like if I don't meet him in person, I'll never know if I'm doing the right thing by staying here. I know I have a boyfriend. I love him, I do. But some of the things he makes me wonder if I'm settling. It sounds horrible, I know. But let's face it, I'm not pretty. I'm not special. I don't have a nice body...but my boyfriend does care about me. So I wonder sometimes: Is my brain telling me that I love him, while knowing I'd never find anyone else to be with? I love and adore my boyfriend. He's so very good to me. But it makes me wonder...what would I do if I met Z? Would he sweep me off my feet? Would he hate me and no longer want to be my friend? Would we stop talking? Would everything be awkward? Would I lose my best friend? Would I be even more confused? Will the sky turn red and everyone's nose fall off? The hell if I know.

13.) Z has told me I should come see him. That I could stay at his house for a while. While yes, I would love this, I wondered how I would pay him back for his kindness. He of course said I wouldn't have to, but I always feel like a free loader and I hate it. I really do. I want to be able to visit him and repay him somehow. I want everything to work out perfectly. I want to meet Z. I want to forget everything that is going on and just go off for a while.

14.) To end this list on a happy note, I've taken up knitting. I love it, and it relaxes me. However, it looks like shit. When I finish this washcloth/learning square, I'll post pictures. And then we can have a nice laugh at my square that is becoming a triangle.

15.) Had to fix my OCD. 15 is the perfect number. Sorry. And sorry for the super long/woe is me post. Thanks for sticking with me. It means a lot. Seriously. Thank you.

TL;DR: Don't be an ass. I numbered my points, you dick.

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Japan Relief--Costs you nothing!

This is going to be quick, before I go to sleep, since it's 4 am.

But, I know people still want to help with the efforts in Japan, even though many people have no money to give, which I totally get. I'm flat broke myself. (Although I will say that if you DO have some spare money, donate it to a different country. Japan has been getting tons of help. Which is great, but other places need it too).

Basically, the Japanese government have placed a 20km No Go zone around the worst effected nuclear plant. Unfortunately there are still tens of thousands of domestic animals stranded in this zone. Before this, rescue groups and local citizens were managing to go and at least put food down for these animals, and were gradually catching them as well to help reunite them with their owners.
Rescue groups already have in place a system for quarantining and treating any radiation issues these pets and farm animals may have. And the humans are also taking their pills and only going in for short times, but they're willing to put themselves on the line to prevent as much suffering as possible. Unfortunately, the 20km No Go zone is making this impossible, and they're worried many of these animals are going to starve to death. - here's a video, but it is sad.

So how can you help?
All you need to do is send a politely worded request to the Japanese government basically saying something like this;

Dear Prime Minister:
There are many thousands of domestic animals and pets in the 20km exclusion zone around the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Station. While it is understandable that you are trying to protect your citizens from harm, there are many animal rescue groups who are prepared and who have measures in place to deal with potential radiation poisoning and quarantining animals they catch. In addition, there are many they cannot catch who need feeding, including the farm animals who have been left in their stalls and barns. Please consider allowing animal rescue groups to enter this zone and continue their valuable work.
Thank you, the bravery and compassion of the Japanese people are an inspiration to all.
Your Name

Please send your request to save the pets in the exclusion zone to the prime minister's office at:
Prime Minister of Japan and His Cabinet

That's it for now. Thanks guys!
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It's Friday!!

It's Friday, it's Friday! (No, I was not singing the song. -.-)

And, with Friday means going to KC! Whoo! I'm in Jazz Band, and Jazz Too will be traveling to KC tomorrow to play at The Blue room for a competition, which is pretty exciting, as long as my four measure solo comes out right. I know four measures isn't a big deal, but I'm shy and my reed needs to be replaced badly. D: We'll be playing 'I'm Just A Lucky So And So', 'My Foolish Heart', and 'Birdland'. I gotta say, Foolish Heart and Birdland are my favorites. But S&S is pretty fun to play, but nothing could beat Birdland. It's by Weather Report, so everyone should go youtube it right now. ^-^ It's just so catchy and fun. And we get to clap during a repeat and be all cheesy. :D

Also, in Concert Band, we've been doing some sight reading. So far we've done 'Parade of the Ewoks', 'Mainstreet USA', 'Yellow Submarine', and 'Lady Sings the Pops'. Ewoks is pretty difficult to sight read at first, and it's stuck in my head a lot, but I like it for the most part. Mainstreet was alright; we've read through it once, so I can't really tell how well I like it yet. Submarine is soooo uber easy. But hey, it's a third band, it's going to be easy for the most part. And Lady Sings is just epic. Effing epic, let me tell you. It's a medley of 80s songs. We're talking 'I Want to Dance With Somebody' and 'How Will I Know if He Really Loves Me'. It's amazing, and I wish I could remember the other three.

In other band news, Symphonic Band went to State contest today at WU. It was pretty good. But lately it's been killing my jaw to play bass clarinet. Killing. It. And then that makes my breathing all out of whack and I breathe too much, and gah. -.- But, we should get a 1. Fingers are crossed, because some judges can be meanie pants...oh, and for that we played 'Down A Country Lane', and 'American Riversongs'. They're both amazing, and I love them. Country Lane is boring for me to play but it's just so beautiful. Truely is.

Also, I wore my uniform for the last day ever. D: Twas sad times, my friends.


Now, I'm not much of a girlie girl, but I'm actually getting kinda pumped. It's senior prom, magical things are supposed to happen, right? By which I mean something other than the magic that is having a prom baby... I haven't gotten a dress yet. >.> Because I was going to wear one I already own, but Amanda was all 'You can't wear the same dress twice!' So, we're going dress shopping tomorrow after I get back from KC around 6. Thank god David's Bridal is awesome and will have something that will fit me last minute. :D I also get to ride in a limo. Wootness! My friend Allie's (who is rolling in it and is a total daddy's girl) parents got her a limo for prom night, and she offered me and Alex the last seat. I don't know who the third couple is, but I'm sure it will be amazing. And we're going to dinner at Red Lobster. Maybe I'll actually get something with lobster this time. Lol. It's so expensive, grr. And hopefully there will be music that we can actually dance to, and not just random music for everyone to hump to. That's nasty. Remember kids, rap is just a misspelling of crap.

So, weekend plans, guys? Anyone else having prom? Be safe! No drinking, and make good choices! :P oh, and no prom babies. 'Because you will get pregnant, and you will die'. Had to do that. Happy weekend all!

Sidenote: If spacing, or anything else looks weird/horrid, I did this all on my phone around one in the morning. Lol. So I'm sorry if it's bad!
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My Reaction to PostSecret (1/16/11)

If you don't know it already, I am a huge fan of PostSecret. I love it, and I think it's a wonderful idea, and I love Frank for starting it. So, I've decided to start something new. I'm going to post all of this week's secrets, and talk about what I think out them, my reaction, etc. goes! Hope you enjoy, and feel free to comment with your thoughts and reactions.

My first reaction was feeling incredibly sorry for the husband. And I still do; after all, accepting this new will have to mean facing the fact that everything they shared in their relationship is a lie, that it was all an act. Now I'm sure it wasn't a super malicious kind of thing; I'm sure she wasn't thinking "Haha! He thinks I love him. Bet he'll propose soon. Ah, the house we'll buy, and oh, the jewelery..." I'm sure it was nothing like that. But if she really is a lesbian, and she was acting for her husband, then surely she had time to tell him that she was a lesbian? Or at the very least slowed things down so she could figure things out if she was confused? I also wonder if this was something she didn't really realize until after a long time, like 20 years of marriage, and then it just clicked one morning for her, and she couldn't deny it anymore? But I do also feel sorry for the woman. I can't imagine having to hide something like that from someone that would know all of the small and intimate things about you. I hope that anyone struggling with something like this doesn't feel like they have to hide. No matter who you are, there will always be at least one person in the world who will accept you for the way you are.

I'm going to be honest. This secret hasn't really jumped out at me in any way. But, I do love that the sender said their conscience isn't for sale. I absolutely love it. No one should ever feel like they have to compromise what their conscience is telling them. (Cue Jimmeny Cricket here!) Especially when it comes to negative peer pressure, like doing drugs, drinking, etc. Good for you, Secret Sender!

My first reaction to this secret was "OH MY GOSH, ME TOO." And then I just started laughing, because I know I don't really have anything to worry about. I don't look like an ape, but I just hate body hair. I really don't mind it on other people, at all, but on me I cannot stand it. The only body hair I can't stand on another person is chest hair on a guy. I actually kinda find that kind of body hair, well...revolting, sometimes. Usually it has to be a lot to make me disgusted, though. For example, Beauty and the Beast's Gaston=TOO HAIRY. Austin Powers=TOO HAIRY. Mike Rowe=I can stand it, and it might be kind of sexy, but one day I might have you weed whack it all off. B.J. Novak from The Office=Sexy. Point being...guys should all stop growing hair there. =P  Want to see some of the aforementioned chests? Celebrity Chest Hair.

And, the whole body hair thing on a man is a science thing. Before a woman gets pregnant, she wants a strapping man, all strong, and manly, and cowboyish. Or a Gaston. Take your pick. But, after a woman is pregnant, and she knows her child will be healthy, and be able to defend itself in the wild, she wants a more feminine kind of man. Something like Zac Effron, or any of the guys from Big Time Rush, or The Jonas Brothers. But, nowadays, with women having birth control, your body makes you think you're pregnant all of the time. So you want a babyfaced guy instead of a big and hairy one. But have no fear, ladies! Find that strong hairy man to give you the right genes for your children, and then later down the road, just promise him bacon every morning for the rest of his life if he will just one shave off his chest hair.
But, getting back to the secret, I'd just like to tell the sender to not worry. I'm sure it isn't at all as bad as the picture would lead us to believe. Be comfortable in your skin! You are beautiful in your own way, and there will be someone to  accept you the way you are. Even if you did look like you did in the picture.

The next secret, I can't post an image of, because it has two sides. But I'll tell you what it says anyway. It has a plain white background with only the words "I seduced a good friend's husband and we made out in his garage. One night, we Fu*ked! No one knows anything. The friend suspects her husband is cheating so she confides in me. Weird."

The only thing I have to say to this woman is this: You are a lousy lowlife, and a bitch. You deserve no friends at all, and I hope you get some kind of of STI. I don't want it to be a permanent disease, because I'm sure you'll just fuck up another man's life if you had herpes, or AIDS, or HIV.  Now, I am not saying that only the woman is to blame here. The husband is a lowlife too, and he deserves to have his penis severed off. This is all just so unacceptable to me. Even more so if you're married. You made an oath to stay with that person forever, and never cheat on them, and to cherish one another. To just go and sleep with your wife's friend, that's just a big slap in the face, and saying "haha, I don't give a shit!" People need to stop and think. Your actions hurt other people. Now, I'm going to move on before I get too hyped up into this.

First let me say, GOOD FOR YOU, SENDER! Forget the part that Harry Potter had anything to do with it for a moment. This person said no to drugs, and I love that. The world is filled with waaay too many druggies for my taste. Even if it is 'just' pot. This stuff ruins lives all the time. I can not stress enough how important it is to not do drugs. 

Now, back to the fact that Harry Potter was played a part in this. I love the fact that Harry Potter had this big of an impact; in fact, if you look some of the replies to this secret on the website, you'll see that many people feel the same way about Harry Potter, and other things as well. Just the thought of how J.K. Rowling affected a large part of the world just amazes me.

I also love this secret. To not cut, for just about any reason is wonderful. Masturbation isn't harmful to your body, and judging from the card, makes the sender feel good. So good for you, sender! Cutting doesn't control your life, and I'm glad you were able to stop. Enjoy yourself, secret sender!

My first reaction was of course feeling so sorry for the sender. I can't imagine having the one you (I assume) love, and then having them leave you because they thought you cheated on them; not to mention all the arguments that probably ensued. 

But, now I think it's for the best. Sender, you deserve someone much better than someone who will be accusing you of infidelity all of the time. Hopefully you can find someone more secure than that, that won't wrongfully accuse you.

This secret is a bit sad...I feel bad for the sender, but part of me also wonders if the thought of this ex will take over their life? I hope that the sender will be able to move on, and send those cards to someone that actually deserves this person.

Welp, I have some bad news, all. I was a very bad person, and did not get to finish this before the new secrets were posted, since my internet was down for a while. But, I will just be creative, and finish it another time, and hopefully I have learned my lesson! I hope you all enjoy the secrets I was able to get done, although. Take care all, more posts to come since I'm so behind!
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Giving Advice

People send me in questions all the time, so I thought I would start posting some here...see if anyone sends anything in here, too. I'll keep it anonymous, unless you want me to share your name, or anything like that. Kinda like a Dear Abby thing I guess. I'll try and post at least one a day.

Dear Em,

I’m writing a story, but I have writer’s block.  I’ve tried different plot ideas (killing off a character, removing one, adding a new character, changing them, etc.), but nothing seems to be working. I’ve even lost sleep over brainstorming and free-writing while trying to come up with new ideas. Sometimes it seems like everything has already been done.  What would you suggest would help my writer’s block? Should I just give up on my story all together, or keep going at it?

Yours, Blocked from Idaho

Dear Blocked,

First, let me just say, writer's block can be pretty annoying. It's great that you've been trying to get through it with brainstorming and free-writing! I think free-writing is one of the best ways that you can help yourself.

And, even though it can seem like everything has been done before, don't sweat it! There are new ideas everywhere, all around the world. It's what keeps us all going. But, for now, I think you need to take a step back from your story. Put it away, and take a walk instead, or just take a nap. Let the ideas come to you. If you keep pressuring yourself, you'll get nothing done. Write about something different, try a new style, or even write from a different perspective. And if all else fails, just simply ask a friend for some new ideas. Two heads are better than one!

Yours, Em

Have a question you want answered? There are many ways to submit a question!

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Ask anything you want, or even just say hello. Everyone will get a response.
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Family Names/Glossary of People

Em- Me, and I'm 17.

Alex- My boyfriend. He's 20 years old, and we've been together for nearly two years.

Dad/Bobby- My dad. Was married to my mom until she died. Is now in a relationship with Amanda.

Mom/LaDonna/Donna- My mom . Died when she was about 38 due to breast cancer. This was in 2005.

Amanda- This is my step mom. She and my dad met on the internet about a year after my mom passed away. We moved to Kansas a year later so they could be together.

Austin and Noah- These are two children, both boys, that Amanda had with a man named Micheal. They are only a year apart. Known as 'the boys'.

Carrie- My full blooded sister, she was born when I was only five and in kindergarten.

Kelsey/Kels-Ann/Diva/Princess- This is Amanda's daughter, which she had with a man named Chris. Kelsey thinks everyone is here to serve her, and is about five years younger than her brothers.

Madison/Maddie/Maddie Matt Matt/Miss Madison/Madison Olivia- This is my half sister (born to Amanda and my dad), and will be three soon.

Alexander/Alexander-xander/Alex/Bubba- This is my half brother, and was born one year after Madison. He has separation anxiety, and loves to cling to Carrie. He's a very sensitive boy...but we love him.

Robert Jr./Little Irve/Jr./Pup/Buddah- This is my littlest half brother, also born a year after Bubba. Amanda almost had to abort him, because the doctors said she would die if she didn't. She put it off more and more, got checked out somemore, and they said she could have him. (I'll hold my tongue for now about dumbass doctors) Amanda now has her tubes tied (our house being a full 10 it's a bit crowded). He is one of the sweetest babies and has the best laugh.
The Babies- This refers to all three of the babies (Madison, Alexander, and Buddah). Usually will be used to talk about babysitting.

Micheal- This is the boys' (Noah and Austin) dad. He's done a lot of jail time. Noah loves him a lot, and loves to see him. But he's usually heartbroken because of Micheal's lack of father skills, and sometimes doesn't see him much. Austin resents him a lot, and thinks his dad hates him, so he hates him back.

Chris- This is Kelsey's dad. He gets to see her every weekend, but sometimes likes to give her back earlier if she's being a huge diva. Kelsey doesn't really like going over there. She always cries and throws a fit for no reason. He isn't too bad. Better than Micheal, but I don't like him too much. Too much of a druggie. But at least he cares about his daughter and will call if he hasn't seen her in a while.

Wendy- This is the babysitter. She's babysat all of Amanda's kids before we came to Kansas, and I started watching them. She currently only watches the babies while Amanda is at work.

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So...I basically want to tell everyone to fuck off. :D

Okay, so, this is how my day went.

I wake up, and check the PostSecrets today, since I was too tired to finish. Then I go look at the threads talking about the Sunday secrets. Then I hear the fighting.

My dad and step mom fight a lot. Over little things, and just whatever. It was a lot of "you said this, well you said that, oh yeah? Well, you said this once!" kind of crap. Was really getting annoying, hearing them yell about the same things again. But I guess I get it. Her van just broke down recently, and has been in a pretty shitty condition for a while, and she needs a new one. So, they start arguing about how she's going to get to work, since my dad has to work too. She wants him to take her, he can't, but she used to take him when we first moved here, she makes more than him, no he makes more than her, yadda yadda yadda.

Then she says she'll just call her dad and tell him what an asshole my dad is being. This is where I had to laugh. Because--really? Really? You're nearly 40 damn years old. Pull out your old tampon, put a new one in, and pull up your big girl panties. Threatening to call your dad when you're a grown adult is really not that impressive.

So, she has set in her mind that daddy will take care of a ride for her, and that's how she'll get the babies to Wendy's (the babysitter, and more on all this later). She then goes on to say:

"And you'll just have to tell Emily and her little boyfriend that if he gets off early, they'll just have to go pick up the babies and deal with it."

1.) We have to pick up the babies all the time and babysit them. Why does my boyfriend have to do it? He has a car, and they refuse to even teach me to drive, much less talk about getting a car for me. But, whatevs. I'll figure something out after I turn 18.

2.) It really, really, really fucking bugs me to depend on him for rides for anything. He picks me up from school sometimes, picks me up after football and basketballs games, will take me to friends' houses, take me to go somewhere if I need to; basically he takes me everywhere I need or like to go, all without really ever complaining about it. And he never complains about having to babysit with me.

3.) I will not be dealing with it. I will simply be telling my 'little boyfriend' that if he does get off work early any this week, to wait because I don't want to put that on him. Or I could be all badass and just drive off with him into the sunset while flipping off my dumbass step mother. But that's for another day.

Anyways, she then says:

"She just needs to step up and take care of the babies; ugh, I never get any time to myself!"

Uhm. I dunno what you guys would call it, but I call spending hours on facebook to play ZooWorld having plenty of free time to yourself. While your son who has separation anxiety tries to pull himself up on you while he's crying his head off. 

Luckily, I remained (relatively) calm, and just stayed in my room during the fight. But, I would enjoy telling her to just fuck off already. How can I do this in a polite manner? I guess I'll just have to think about it....More to come soon.

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Writer's Block: Living in the limelight

Do you think parents should have the right to post public pictures and videos of their children on the Internet? Why or why not?

I think it depends on what the picture or video is. Obviously don't post things of them in the tub, or while potty training, etc. I know some pictures of your little child can be cute while they're in the tub, but stuff like that can go in the family album, or what have you.

People just need to remember that the internet is a public place. Grandma Sue isn't the only one that's going to see little Timmy standing up in the tub with only a bubble beard covering him. Anyone can see it, including your friendly neighborhood stalker, pedophiles, etc.