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Family Names/Glossary of People

Em- Me, and I'm 17.

Alex- My boyfriend. He's 20 years old, and we've been together for nearly two years.

Dad/Bobby- My dad. Was married to my mom until she died. Is now in a relationship with Amanda.

Mom/LaDonna/Donna- My mom . Died when she was about 38 due to breast cancer. This was in 2005.

Amanda- This is my step mom. She and my dad met on the internet about a year after my mom passed away. We moved to Kansas a year later so they could be together.

Austin and Noah- These are two children, both boys, that Amanda had with a man named Micheal. They are only a year apart. Known as 'the boys'.

Carrie- My full blooded sister, she was born when I was only five and in kindergarten.

Kelsey/Kels-Ann/Diva/Princess- This is Amanda's daughter, which she had with a man named Chris. Kelsey thinks everyone is here to serve her, and is about five years younger than her brothers.

Madison/Maddie/Maddie Matt Matt/Miss Madison/Madison Olivia- This is my half sister (born to Amanda and my dad), and will be three soon.

Alexander/Alexander-xander/Alex/Bubba- This is my half brother, and was born one year after Madison. He has separation anxiety, and loves to cling to Carrie. He's a very sensitive boy...but we love him.

Robert Jr./Little Irve/Jr./Pup/Buddah- This is my littlest half brother, also born a year after Bubba. Amanda almost had to abort him, because the doctors said she would die if she didn't. She put it off more and more, got checked out somemore, and they said she could have him. (I'll hold my tongue for now about dumbass doctors) Amanda now has her tubes tied (our house being a full 10 it's a bit crowded). He is one of the sweetest babies and has the best laugh.
The Babies- This refers to all three of the babies (Madison, Alexander, and Buddah). Usually will be used to talk about babysitting.

Micheal- This is the boys' (Noah and Austin) dad. He's done a lot of jail time. Noah loves him a lot, and loves to see him. But he's usually heartbroken because of Micheal's lack of father skills, and sometimes doesn't see him much. Austin resents him a lot, and thinks his dad hates him, so he hates him back.

Chris- This is Kelsey's dad. He gets to see her every weekend, but sometimes likes to give her back earlier if she's being a huge diva. Kelsey doesn't really like going over there. She always cries and throws a fit for no reason. He isn't too bad. Better than Micheal, but I don't like him too much. Too much of a druggie. But at least he cares about his daughter and will call if he hasn't seen her in a while.

Wendy- This is the babysitter. She's babysat all of Amanda's kids before we came to Kansas, and I started watching them. She currently only watches the babies while Amanda is at work.

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