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My Reaction to PostSecret (1/16/11)

If you don't know it already, I am a huge fan of PostSecret. I love it, and I think it's a wonderful idea, and I love Frank for starting it. So, I've decided to start something new. I'm going to post all of this week's secrets, and talk about what I think out them, my reaction, etc. So...here goes! Hope you enjoy, and feel free to comment with your thoughts and reactions.

My first reaction was feeling incredibly sorry for the husband. And I still do; after all, accepting this new will have to mean facing the fact that everything they shared in their relationship is a lie, that it was all an act. Now I'm sure it wasn't a super malicious kind of thing; I'm sure she wasn't thinking "Haha! He thinks I love him. Bet he'll propose soon. Ah, the house we'll buy, and oh, the jewelery..." I'm sure it was nothing like that. But if she really is a lesbian, and she was acting for her husband, then surely she had time to tell him that she was a lesbian? Or at the very least slowed things down so she could figure things out if she was confused? I also wonder if this was something she didn't really realize until after a long time, like 20 years of marriage, and then it just clicked one morning for her, and she couldn't deny it anymore? But I do also feel sorry for the woman. I can't imagine having to hide something like that from someone that would know all of the small and intimate things about you. I hope that anyone struggling with something like this doesn't feel like they have to hide. No matter who you are, there will always be at least one person in the world who will accept you for the way you are.

I'm going to be honest. This secret hasn't really jumped out at me in any way. But, I do love that the sender said their conscience isn't for sale. I absolutely love it. No one should ever feel like they have to compromise what their conscience is telling them. (Cue Jimmeny Cricket here!) Especially when it comes to negative peer pressure, like doing drugs, drinking, etc. Good for you, Secret Sender!

My first reaction to this secret was "OH MY GOSH, ME TOO." And then I just started laughing, because I know I don't really have anything to worry about. I don't look like an ape, but I just hate body hair. I really don't mind it on other people, at all, but on me I cannot stand it. The only body hair I can't stand on another person is chest hair on a guy. I actually kinda find that kind of body hair, well...revolting, sometimes. Usually it has to be a lot to make me disgusted, though. For example, Beauty and the Beast's Gaston=TOO HAIRY. Austin Powers=TOO HAIRY. Mike Rowe=I can stand it, and it might be kind of sexy, but one day I might have you weed whack it all off. B.J. Novak from The Office=Sexy. Point being...guys should all stop growing hair there. =P  Want to see some of the aforementioned chests? Celebrity Chest Hair.

And, the whole body hair thing on a man is a science thing. Before a woman gets pregnant, she wants a strapping man, all strong, and manly, and cowboyish. Or a Gaston. Take your pick. But, after a woman is pregnant, and she knows her child will be healthy, and be able to defend itself in the wild, she wants a more feminine kind of man. Something like Zac Effron, or any of the guys from Big Time Rush, or The Jonas Brothers. But, nowadays, with women having birth control, your body makes you think you're pregnant all of the time. So you want a babyfaced guy instead of a big and hairy one. But have no fear, ladies! Find that strong hairy man to give you the right genes for your children, and then later down the road, just promise him bacon every morning for the rest of his life if he will just one shave off his chest hair.
But, getting back to the secret, I'd just like to tell the sender to not worry. I'm sure it isn't at all as bad as the picture would lead us to believe. Be comfortable in your skin! You are beautiful in your own way, and there will be someone to  accept you the way you are. Even if you did look like you did in the picture.

The next secret, I can't post an image of, because it has two sides. But I'll tell you what it says anyway. It has a plain white background with only the words "I seduced a good friend's husband and we made out in his garage. One night, we Fu*ked! No one knows anything. The friend suspects her husband is cheating so she confides in me. Weird."

The only thing I have to say to this woman is this: You are a lousy lowlife, and a bitch. You deserve no friends at all, and I hope you get some kind of of STI. I don't want it to be a permanent disease, because I'm sure you'll just fuck up another man's life if you had herpes, or AIDS, or HIV.  Now, I am not saying that only the woman is to blame here. The husband is a lowlife too, and he deserves to have his penis severed off. This is all just so unacceptable to me. Even more so if you're married. You made an oath to stay with that person forever, and never cheat on them, and to cherish one another. To just go and sleep with your wife's friend, that's just a big slap in the face, and saying "haha, I don't give a shit!" People need to stop and think. Your actions hurt other people. Now, I'm going to move on before I get too hyped up into this.

First let me say, GOOD FOR YOU, SENDER! Forget the part that Harry Potter had anything to do with it for a moment. This person said no to drugs, and I love that. The world is filled with waaay too many druggies for my taste. Even if it is 'just' pot. This stuff ruins lives all the time. I can not stress enough how important it is to not do drugs. 

Now, back to the fact that Harry Potter was played a part in this. I love the fact that Harry Potter had this big of an impact; in fact, if you look some of the replies to this secret on the website, you'll see that many people feel the same way about Harry Potter, and other things as well. Just the thought of how J.K. Rowling affected a large part of the world just amazes me.

I also love this secret. To not cut, for just about any reason is wonderful. Masturbation isn't harmful to your body, and judging from the card, makes the sender feel good. So good for you, sender! Cutting doesn't control your life, and I'm glad you were able to stop. Enjoy yourself, secret sender!

My first reaction was of course feeling so sorry for the sender. I can't imagine having the one you (I assume) love, and then having them leave you because they thought you cheated on them; not to mention all the arguments that probably ensued. 

But, now I think it's for the best. Sender, you deserve someone much better than someone who will be accusing you of infidelity all of the time. Hopefully you can find someone more secure than that, that won't wrongfully accuse you.

This secret is a bit sad...I feel bad for the sender, but part of me also wonders if the thought of this ex will take over their life? I hope that the sender will be able to move on, and send those cards to someone that actually deserves this person.

Welp, I have some bad news, all. I was a very bad person, and did not get to finish this before the new secrets were posted, since my internet was down for a while. But, I will just be creative, and finish it another time, and hopefully I have learned my lesson! I hope you all enjoy the secrets I was able to get done, although. Take care all, more posts to come since I'm so behind!
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