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It's Friday!!

It's Friday, it's Friday! (No, I was not singing the song. -.-)

And, with Friday means going to KC! Whoo! I'm in Jazz Band, and Jazz Too will be traveling to KC tomorrow to play at The Blue room for a competition, which is pretty exciting, as long as my four measure solo comes out right. I know four measures isn't a big deal, but I'm shy and my reed needs to be replaced badly. D: We'll be playing 'I'm Just A Lucky So And So', 'My Foolish Heart', and 'Birdland'. I gotta say, Foolish Heart and Birdland are my favorites. But S&S is pretty fun to play, but nothing could beat Birdland. It's by Weather Report, so everyone should go youtube it right now. ^-^ It's just so catchy and fun. And we get to clap during a repeat and be all cheesy. :D

Also, in Concert Band, we've been doing some sight reading. So far we've done 'Parade of the Ewoks', 'Mainstreet USA', 'Yellow Submarine', and 'Lady Sings the Pops'. Ewoks is pretty difficult to sight read at first, and it's stuck in my head a lot, but I like it for the most part. Mainstreet was alright; we've read through it once, so I can't really tell how well I like it yet. Submarine is soooo uber easy. But hey, it's a third band, it's going to be easy for the most part. And Lady Sings is just epic. Effing epic, let me tell you. It's a medley of 80s songs. We're talking 'I Want to Dance With Somebody' and 'How Will I Know if He Really Loves Me'. It's amazing, and I wish I could remember the other three.

In other band news, Symphonic Band went to State contest today at WU. It was pretty good. But lately it's been killing my jaw to play bass clarinet. Killing. It. And then that makes my breathing all out of whack and I breathe too much, and gah. -.- But, we should get a 1. Fingers are crossed, because some judges can be meanie pants...oh, and for that we played 'Down A Country Lane', and 'American Riversongs'. They're both amazing, and I love them. Country Lane is boring for me to play but it's just so beautiful. Truely is.

Also, I wore my uniform for the last day ever. D: Twas sad times, my friends.


Now, I'm not much of a girlie girl, but I'm actually getting kinda pumped. It's senior prom, magical things are supposed to happen, right? By which I mean something other than the magic that is having a prom baby... I haven't gotten a dress yet. >.> Because I was going to wear one I already own, but Amanda was all 'You can't wear the same dress twice!' So, we're going dress shopping tomorrow after I get back from KC around 6. Thank god David's Bridal is awesome and will have something that will fit me last minute. :D I also get to ride in a limo. Wootness! My friend Allie's (who is rolling in it and is a total daddy's girl) parents got her a limo for prom night, and she offered me and Alex the last seat. I don't know who the third couple is, but I'm sure it will be amazing. And we're going to dinner at Red Lobster. Maybe I'll actually get something with lobster this time. Lol. It's so expensive, grr. And hopefully there will be music that we can actually dance to, and not just random music for everyone to hump to. That's nasty. Remember kids, rap is just a misspelling of crap.

So, weekend plans, guys? Anyone else having prom? Be safe! No drinking, and make good choices! :P oh, and no prom babies. 'Because you will get pregnant, and you will die'. Had to do that. Happy weekend all!

Sidenote: If spacing, or anything else looks weird/horrid, I did this all on my phone around one in the morning. Lol. So I'm sorry if it's bad!

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