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Japan Relief--Costs you nothing!

This is going to be quick, before I go to sleep, since it's 4 am.

But, I know people still want to help with the efforts in Japan, even though many people have no money to give, which I totally get. I'm flat broke myself. (Although I will say that if you DO have some spare money, donate it to a different country. Japan has been getting tons of help. Which is great, but other places need it too).

Basically, the Japanese government have placed a 20km No Go zone around the worst effected nuclear plant. Unfortunately there are still tens of thousands of domestic animals stranded in this zone. Before this, rescue groups and local citizens were managing to go and at least put food down for these animals, and were gradually catching them as well to help reunite them with their owners.
Rescue groups already have in place a system for quarantining and treating any radiation issues these pets and farm animals may have. And the humans are also taking their pills and only going in for short times, but they're willing to put themselves on the line to prevent as much suffering as possible. Unfortunately, the 20km No Go zone is making this impossible, and they're worried many of these animals are going to starve to death.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bVeUhXQq3yU - here's a video, but it is sad.

So how can you help?
All you need to do is send a politely worded request to the Japanese government basically saying something like this;

Dear Prime Minister:
There are many thousands of domestic animals and pets in the 20km exclusion zone around the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Station. While it is understandable that you are trying to protect your citizens from harm, there are many animal rescue groups who are prepared and who have measures in place to deal with potential radiation poisoning and quarantining animals they catch. In addition, there are many they cannot catch who need feeding, including the farm animals who have been left in their stalls and barns. Please consider allowing animal rescue groups to enter this zone and continue their valuable work.
Thank you, the bravery and compassion of the Japanese people are an inspiration to all.
Your Name

Please send your request to save the pets in the exclusion zone to the prime minister's office at:
Prime Minister of Japan and His Cabinet

That's it for now. Thanks guys!
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