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So...I basically want to tell everyone to fuck off. :D

Okay, so, this is how my day went.

I wake up, and check the PostSecrets today, since I was too tired to finish. Then I go look at the threads talking about the Sunday secrets. Then I hear the fighting.

My dad and step mom fight a lot. Over little things, and just whatever. It was a lot of "you said this, well you said that, oh yeah? Well, you said this once!" kind of crap. Was really getting annoying, hearing them yell about the same things again. But I guess I get it. Her van just broke down recently, and has been in a pretty shitty condition for a while, and she needs a new one. So, they start arguing about how she's going to get to work, since my dad has to work too. She wants him to take her, he can't, but she used to take him when we first moved here, she makes more than him, no he makes more than her, yadda yadda yadda.

Then she says she'll just call her dad and tell him what an asshole my dad is being. This is where I had to laugh. Because--really? Really? You're nearly 40 damn years old. Pull out your old tampon, put a new one in, and pull up your big girl panties. Threatening to call your dad when you're a grown adult is really not that impressive.

So, she has set in her mind that daddy will take care of a ride for her, and that's how she'll get the babies to Wendy's (the babysitter, and more on all this later). She then goes on to say:

"And you'll just have to tell Emily and her little boyfriend that if he gets off early, they'll just have to go pick up the babies and deal with it."

1.) We have to pick up the babies all the time and babysit them. Why does my boyfriend have to do it? He has a car, and they refuse to even teach me to drive, much less talk about getting a car for me. But, whatevs. I'll figure something out after I turn 18.

2.) It really, really, really fucking bugs me to depend on him for rides for anything. He picks me up from school sometimes, picks me up after football and basketballs games, will take me to friends' houses, take me to go somewhere if I need to; basically he takes me everywhere I need or like to go, all without really ever complaining about it. And he never complains about having to babysit with me.

3.) I will not be dealing with it. I will simply be telling my 'little boyfriend' that if he does get off work early any this week, to wait because I don't want to put that on him. Or I could be all badass and just drive off with him into the sunset while flipping off my dumbass step mother. But that's for another day.

Anyways, she then says:

"She just needs to step up and take care of the babies; ugh, I never get any time to myself!"

Uhm. I dunno what you guys would call it, but I call spending hours on facebook to play ZooWorld having plenty of free time to yourself. While your son who has separation anxiety tries to pull himself up on you while he's crying his head off. 

Luckily, I remained (relatively) calm, and just stayed in my room during the fight. But, I would enjoy telling her to just fuck off already. How can I do this in a polite manner? I guess I'll just have to think about it....More to come soon.

Tags: angry, babies, bitch, bleh, facebook, fuck off, hate my step mom, kids, politely fuck off, step mom, stressed, ugh

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